A Note from Madhan

A Note from Madhan

Palimpsest is truly a testament to the harmony between nature and architecture. Each step within the home feels like a journey into a living canvas.

I am greeted by the most captivating sight – a stunning peacock design adorning the foyer. The intricate detailing is simply breathtaking and sets the tone for the entire home. This very first sight made it clear to me that this home was a labor of love and a testament to Sumanth's appreciation for art and culture.

The Murugan statue, with its graceful peacock companion, speaks volumes about the spiritual energy that flows through the free space. It's as if every corner is infused with a sense of serenity and purpose.

The first thing that caught my eye in the Indo-Sri Lankan architecture were the two courtyards that bookended the house. These serene spaces were adorned with lush greenery, creating a tranquil atmosphere that immediately put me at ease.
The evenings spent at the 13-foot granite dining table among our friends, discussing worldly matters and weaving dreams of the future, are moments I deeply cherish.

The Zen garden, which was bespoke by Mother Geetha, is a sanctuary of tranquility and definitely a refuge for contemplation and peace. I can imagine the laughter and shared moments that echo around the garden, and it warms my heart.

The towering presence of the structure and its colossal tapering tower is awe-inspiring. It's as if it advises me to reach out and touch the sky.

The juxtaposition of the paintings, frescoes, and artifacts creates a visual symphony that transcends time and place.
For I have seen Palimpsest grow from a house to a home
Once mere walls, now hearts entwined,
Love's tapestry, forever bind.
Laughter, dances, echoes play,
In every room, a bright array.
With each day's grace, it’s a memory we own,
A house now gleams, a cherished home.
Through open doors, a welcome wide,
A haven found, where hearts could hide.
It's a home that exemplifies the saying, “Home is where the heart is."

With Love,


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